iCloud is one of the best software application that has been launched by the Apple Inc. It is basically the online storage drive which is being used for storing a common users data and files saved in your Apple device. This application could only be supported by the Apple devices only, and to nay other device.

Icloud has surfing the internet and there seeking customers from all over the world. So, as its services has been offered to the people across the world so iin the same way it also has managed and organised the support team to look after the common people problems and then resolve them as soon as possible. So, for reporting the error on should contact to icloud customer support’.

How to delete your icloud account from your iPhone device ?

If anyone wants to delete the there existing icloud account then, initially they need to fully delete there icloud account from your iPhone device and hence then it will finally delete your account, which will restrict your account from accessing the icloud account.

Step 1: First of all, open up the related computing system which you have along with you, that is your iPhone device.

Step 2: Then search for the ‘settings’ app saved in your iPhone device.

Step 3: When found then just click on the ‘settings’ app.

Step 4: Just scroll down and get search for the ‘icloud’ option.

Step 5: Then click on the ‘icloud’ option and then move to next level.

Step 6: In the icloud, just scroll down and then choose the ‘delete account’ option.

Step 7: Then finally click on the ‘delete’ button.

Step 8: For the confirmation of the icloud account deletion.

Hence, now your these steps will surely help you in removing the icloud account from your iPhone device. Now finally you will get the blank icloud account in the iPhone device. And for more further details one should directly contact to the icloud tech support phone number’.

As your icloud has been deleted successfully, now when you wanted to access the icloud facilities then you will have to make a new account on the icloud. But if you are looking to delete your icloud account then you are suggested to kindly backup your iphone data before making it to delete your icloud account.

My Apple ID has been disabled then how to recover ?

As Apple has provided the Apple ID for accessing the other apple facilities and features. But many a times it happens that people came with the problem that you Apple account has been disabled temporarily. Which give you two reason that is creating the error or problem while signing in to your account. So, below mention is the reason that a person could face there account disability.

1. Some other person has tried accessing your account, in your absence.

2. User must have entered wrong password while login that too many a times.

3. You Apple account has been locked for the security reason by the company itself.

So, in that case just reach to the ‘icloud helpline number’, and get the proper solution and assistance from them. So, for recovery of that one should follow up the below given solution and should move to the next level.

1. One should directly reach to the icloud support team -

For this problem one should directly reach to the nearest centre or make qa call to the official number which has been provided by the icloud company itself.

2. Resolve your issue through the Apple website’s -

Or user can even go to the Apple website and then report there problem and hence from online medium they will get the solution itself.

And if any of the solution won’t work then call at ‘icloud toll free number’, which is available 24/7 hours in a day at your service.



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