How To Stop Video Playback On Facebook

How To Stop Video Playback On Facebook

Facebook has been the best option regarding videos chatting and sharing in an appropriate manner. Facebook is an awesome social media platform due to its amazing features and services. 

Acquire Tips To Disable Automatic Video Playback On Facebook

It offers valuable assistance to start the videos chatting with everyone. But sometimes it might happen when you caught off guard by videos that play automatically on various kinds of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other services.

If you have knowingly enabled Facebook’s feature like the automatic video playback and it is creating problems, you can immediately disable it soon. It is quite simple to disable video playback on Facebook. But sometimes most of the users unable to disable it automatically this are why there is the trick to solve the problem and get immediate help to make video playback disable on your FB account as soon as possible. But when you start finding some issue with it while disabling it, you can read the simple steps to get this issue fixed instantly.

Following Are The Ways To Disable Video Playback On Facebook account:

  • At first, make sure your FB account is signed-in using its correct email address and password.
  • Go to the menu and click on the setting of the FB account and then select the privacy option and press the media and contact tab.
  •  You can check all the security and settings to make sure that any services are enabled by you or someone else.
  • You need to make sure that you have the latest app of FB account to do so on your personal mobile phone.
  • Scroll down from up to bottom and then select the videos and photos and once when you find Autoplay, you can turn off the features.
  • The message you might receive for the change that you have made with your FB account right after entering the password.
  • Now you can see video playback service will be removed on your FB account at the end of the task.   

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