How To Download Facebook Videos Android

How To Download Facebook Videos Android

Facebook is the oldest social media platform that currently has more than 2 billion active users. It covers almost every region and available in different languages. It contains different functions like watching videos and sending messages. 

However, like YouTube, you cannot download videos. In this platform, if you want to see the video in offline mode, then there is no such offline mode on Facebook. But, you must be wondering how to download a video on different systems. There are some methods through which you can download the video and see it whenever you want. 

Ways To Download Video On Facebook

If you are a PC user and looking for how to download video from Facebook on pc then you can download the video using a website. Follow the below-shown steps. 

  • First, open the Facebook video 

  • Click on the URL or copy it 

  • Now, you have to head over the “” 

  • Select the URL and paste it in the required place

  • Hit on the “Download” button 

  • On pop-up page, you have to mention the quality of the video 

  • Choose the option to save the video 

In this way, you can download the video through this method. There is another method to download the video is directly from the application

 How To Download Facebook Videos On Android 

A large number of populations are using Facebook on their android device. You might look for an answer for how to download video from Facebook on Android then this could be the best option. 

  • Login the Facebook and click on the Facebook video 

  • Hit on the share option of Facebook and copy the link 

  • Include the in your browser 

  • Paste the link on the download section 

  • Choose the quality of the video to be downloaded

  • Click on the download and it will automatically save to your gallery or video section. If the link is broken, then you will not be able to download it. So make sure the link is working

Facebook Helpline

The above-mentioned one is for those who use chrome in their android. If you are using Firefox, then you can see the download from the hamburger menu. You have to tap on the downloaded video, and click on the save video. For iPad users, this function is available on the extreme right of the browser.

Now, you can get the answer of how to download video from Facebook. It is an easy and effortless way, and you can enjoy your video no matter whether you have an internet connection or not.



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