How To Find Brother Printer Default Password

How To Find Brother Printer Default Password

Printers are important devices for both personal and professional work. People need fast, good quality, error free prints. 

Know How To Find Brother Printer Password

Brother printers provide variety of printers with unique designs and great quality. The printer has a default password set. This password keeps the printer secure. A user can access the printer after entering this username and password. Users can further configure other settings of the printer. Below we have discussed the steps to find the default password and change it.

Steps To Find Brother Printer Default Password

  • Click 'Start' button on your printer.

  • Then select ‘All Programs’ option.

  • Now select Brother, MFC-XXXX LAN or MFC-XXXX.

  • Then go to ‘Remote Setup’.

  • Now you will have to enter the password

  • The default username and password are:

For User:

  1. Username – user

  2. Password – access

For Administrator:

  1. Username – admin

  2. Password – access

The default username and password is similar for most Brother Printers.

If you wish to change this password then you can do it like this

How To Change Brother Printer password

  • Open any web browser.

  • Enter “http://machine’s IP address” in the address bar.

  • Now log in by entering the default password and username.

  • Now select the ‘Administrator’ option.

  • If ‘Administrator’ option is not there then select ‘Login Password’ option.

  • Now enter a new password.

  • Confirm it by reentering.

  • Click ‘Submit’ option.

  • Your password will be changed.

Brother Printer Customer Service

If you face any issue in changing Brother Printer default password or have any query then you can contact their Brother Printer Customer Service.

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