How To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 35

How To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 35

What are the ways to fix brother printer error code 35

The printer is an important asset for organizations with lots of paperwork on a daily basis. In today’s time Printers are needed everywhere be it corporate houses, educational institutions or public houses like hospitals, shops etc. And brother printer is a leading brand in the printing industry. There are a lot of people who prefer using Brother Printers only. But even Brother Printers also face issues because of which certain errors occur.

Fix Brother Printer Not Working

Sometimes brother printers stop working and the most common reason for the issues is error code 35. There are several reasons why error codes occur in printers. But you can easily fix them anytime with the help of troubleshooting methods. To find the reasons and methods to fix brother printer error code 35, tap below.

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Error Code 35

The most common reason because of which error codes occur is technical faults. The main reasons are described below.

1. Sometimes a paper gets stuck in the main device because of which printer stops working

2. The mechanical errors in the parts of the device can also be a reason because of which printers stop working.

Steps To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 35

1. Open the printer and stop all the printing jobs first and remove the upper device cover.

2. Check the scanner to see if there is any paper stuck which usually happens while printing. If yes then remove it.

3. Open the print head and rotate it to check if there is any friction. If yes then fix it.

4. Open the jam cover as well and check at its back to see if any paper or pin has got stuck. If yes then remove it and gently close the cover of the printer.

5.If the printer still does not work then disconnect the power and check for all the cables and wires.

6. If in case the computer has got disconnected from the printer, fix it.

Brother Printer Support

And that’s all for fixing the error code 35. And for more information, contact Brother printer customer care.

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