How To Fix Brother Printer Toner Error

How To Fix Brother Printer Toner Error

Brother Printers are such electronic devices that are known for printing and scanning services. This Japanese company has introduced many new models of Brother printers and also is known to deliver commendably, high quality and commendable printing. And being a Japanese company you shall be assured as it is the world’s best company in terms of technology. 

Ways To Fix Brother Printer Toner Error

But, there are times when a user can face issues while using the printers. And if you are one such user who is facing issues in Brother printer and toner then you shall not panic. Nothing in this world works flawlessly hence if you are facing issues then it is very common. And to know how to fix Brother printer toner error you can refer to the information stated below. 

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Error

Use might be facing error in toner because of its life. It might be possible that the life of your toner is finished. But to fix your issue you can correct the life end of toner in the following ways. 

Simple Steps to Fix Brother Printer Toner Life End 

  1. Before starting, open the toner cover and leave it open. 

  2. Now you can turn off your printer and then hold the “ON” button to turn it on. 

  3. Release the start button once the printer is fully set which you can check when all the lights are on. 

  4. Now press the “Start” button twice and check if all the panel lights are turned on or not. 

  5. Now press “Start” button 5 times and check if your paper light and toner light is turned on or not. If everything looks fine then you can try to print a paper only after closing toner cover. 

Brother Printer Support

So, with the help of the above steps, you can fix your Brother printer toner error. If the issue remains the same, then you can contact its Brother Printer customer support.

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