How to Fix Common Asus Computer Network Issues

How to Fix Common Asus Computer Network Issues

How to upgrade memory in ASUS Eee PC?

Here are the steps to upgrade the memory in ASUS PC –

  • Look for the standard DDR2 laptop memory modules which have 200-pin edge connectors. Select either of the 1 GB or 2 GB DDR2 memory module of either 553 or 667MHz.
  • Power off the PC now and also un-plug the AC power adapter.
  • Place it upside-down with some protection on a flat surface.
  • Next remove the battery and open the memory cover on the back of the PC.
  • Now remove the existing module and unwrap the new module from the packaging.

Contact the ASUS technical support for install help of memory upgrade. Support experts can provide the instant steps which will help solve the memory troubles. Dial Asus toll free number for easy connection with the technical experts.

How to fix the common ASUS laptop network issues?

Try out the troubleshooting steps to fix the ASUS device network troubles –

  • Make sure that the wireless function is activated. Turn on/off the wireless function.
  • Make sure there is no issue with the wireless network device. Go to the ‘Control Panel’, then ‘Device Manager’ and check the Internet Interface.
  • Also, default the internet settings. Also, restart the device.
  • See if there is any trouble with the internet browser settings which might also create the problem.

Not able to fix the Asus laptop network troubles? Dial Asus helpline number to get instant support. It is better to contact the support experts who deal with the problem regularly. Get the best help from Asus customer support. They are available round the clock for help.



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