Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Gmail has been the most used service of Google these days as all the users are dependent on emails for their business. This is the most reliable communication as this helps you to stay connected with your clients. The important emails are received related to business. Today we get so many complaints about Gmail that a user is not able to receive emails. So, many troubleshooting steps can be taken for eradication of the issue.

Ways To Fix Gmail Not Working

Below mentioned are some troubleshooting steps that a user can take to fix the issue of Gmail not working. It can be done by taking the steps:

Try to open Gmail in a different browser:

If you are not receiving emails on your Google account, you can try opening your Gmail ID in a different browser and check if the problem is still there. This step may eradicate the issue of Gmail not receiving emails.

Gmail can be down:

There might be a possibility of your Gmail to be temporarily down. However, if you want to check if this is the actual reason or not, you have to open on your website. Enter the word Gmail in the search bar and press Return. Click on Gmail to see if there is a Gmail outage. If you find any Gmail outage, you have to wait for Google to fix it.

Delete Email Filters:

This can be the next step to resolve the issue. You can delete your email filters by taking the steps:

  •  Click on the settings button.
  •  Check for the filters a well as the blocked addresses. This will open the tab of filters.
  •  Select all the filters listed on that tab.
  •  The last step is pressing the delete button to delete the filters that are applied

Turn off email forwarding:

There are chances that your emails are going on some other account. For this, you have to check if your email forwarding is not turned on. You should turn it off if it is on. To turn it off, follow the procedure:

  • Select the settings on your phone and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Then, you have to click on the disabled forwarding option.
  • You have to turn off the email forwarding and click on the save change button to complete the process.

Gmail Customer Service

These are the steps to be followed if your Gmail not receiving emails. if you are still trapped by the problem, you can make contact with the Gmail customer care executives. We assure you for free assistance to all your problems.



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Sherra Finale

09 Dec, 2019

Here you given a proper steps to fix your problems yourself Unable to receive email issue. thanks for the support ...

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