How To Fix Google Meet Not Working

How To Fix Google Meet Not Working

You are about to start a business meeting on Google Meet, and suddenly it has stopped working on your particular device. Have you ever faced this situation? If yes, then you are not a single person who has been confronting this problem as thousands of Google Meet users confront issues when using the Google Meets app. This problem may cause several reasons, and it is hard to say the exact reason for Google meet not working issue on your device. But many troubleshooting steps can help you resolve this problem of Google Meet, and you can easily use them.

Reasons For Google Meet Not Working Issues

There are many possible reasons if Google Meet stopped working on your device that is given below:

  • Due to the improper internet connectivity.

  • Due to hardware issues in your device.

  • Using an outdated version of device or browser.

  • Due to compatibility issue with Google Meet.

  • Due to caches, and cookies in browser or app.

  • Due to a server outage or connectivity issue.

Simple Methods to Resolve Google Meet not Working Issues 

Method 1: Check your internet connectivity 

Ensure that your device has active internet connectivity and is properly connected to your internet connection, which is highly required to access Google Meet on your particular device. You can also use another Wi-Fi connection to ensure whether the problem is with internet connection or Google Meet.

Method 2: Check for outage 

Sometimes Google Meet doesn’t respond or work when any server error or outage comes suddenly. In such conditions, you should wait fewer minutes until the outage issue resolve and then check if the problem is resolved after some time. You can also check whether the problem is only with Google Meet or other properly working apps.

Method 3: Update Google Meet

If you are using Google Meet on your phone, make sure that you are using the updated or most recent version of the app. You can check the latest version of Google Meet on your phone and then update to the latest one immediately if there is any availability of the latest app version according to your device’s OS.

Method 4: Clear caches and cookies

The availability of caches and cookies in your browser leads to the not working issue of Google Meet on your computer. You can clear cookies and caches to fix Google Meet not working problem quickly and simply after following the below steps:

Open your browser on a computer and click on the menu that you can find at the top-right corner of the page.

  • You can click on Settings from the scroll-down menu.

  • Click on the Caches and cookies section.

  • Check the boxes for cookies and caches.

  • Select caches and cookies box and then click on the Clear data tab.

  • Now open Google Meet and check if the problem is resolved.

Method 5: Check for any hardware issue

If there is any hardware issue in your computer or phone, such as mic, speaker, or other, you will face the issues with the Google Meet app. You can check if there is any hardware issue and resolve it as soon as to access Google Meet without any interruption. After that, you can check if the problem is resolved. You can also restart your device to fix such kinds of issues in a very quick way.  

You can also fix Google Meet not working on Safari issue very quickly after following the above-described steps. But if you are still confronting issues when using Google Meet on your device, or have any other queries, then contact the customer support team for immediate assistance.



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