How to Fix Instagram Story Stuck At Posting

How to Fix Instagram Story Stuck At Posting

We Instagrammers love to scroll through our timeline & search timeline, post photos and most importantly – Stories. Now, think of a situation where you just have captured a great shot and now you open your Instagram to post it as your story, upload the shot in the story sections and then hit the Send button.

Get Details About How To Fix Instagram Story Not Posting

And now you find the story unavailable on your timeline even though you have successfully uploaded the story as per the plan. Well, thousands of users face such an issue with their Instagram account and then feel frustrated. Yes, that rotating “Posting” icon can really make you frustrated. Now if you have faced such an issue once in a while then you might be thinking what to do now? Well then read this article further to know how to fix Instagram story error in no time.

Easy Methods To Fix Instagram Story Post Not Working

  •  Restart Your Phone

Yes, you can start with the most basic fix i.e. to restart your smart-phone to get rid of the Instagram issue.

  • Close The Instagram App

Next, you can try closing your Instagram application but do not press the home button as the app will be still running in the background. After closing the app, remove it from the recent application list. To do that,

  •  Open-up your recent apps from the multitasking screen
  • Close the Instagram app from there via using swipe gestures
  • Try Switching Between Wi-Fi And Mobile Data

Poor internet connection is basically the major boon to smart-phone, this is the reason that most of the applications do not work properly. But what you can do is to try switching your data connectivity between your Wi-Fi connection and cellular data or the vice versa.

Additional Tips To Fix Instagram Story Error

Cache files are useful at times but they usually hamper your application’s functionality. This is the reason that you must try removing all of them from your phone’s settings, be it iPhone or Android phone. You can simply switch to your phone’s settings and the go to the apps section, hereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to get rid of your Instagram’s cache files & fix Instagram Story Stuck Posting.

Update Your Instagram App

App Update is the most important thing that applies on all of your applications. No matter what the other alternatives are, you try to fix the issue but nothing might not work until you try updating your applications.

To fix this, you’ll have to navigate to your app store (Google Play Store/Apple Store) and then follow the onscreen instructions to update your Instagram App. Next, restart your phone and then start using your application.  

Furthermore, contact the tech support to get any further assistance on how to fix Instagram Story Stuck Posting from the tech experts.




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