How To Fix PayPal Error 10002

How To Fix PayPal Error 10002

PayPal is one of the most used online payment apps nowadays. But sometimes the users may also face a few errors while using PayPal for their online transaction, and because of it, they need to pay extra attention. 

What causes PayPal error 10002 and how to fix it?

Well, PayPal error 10002 is one such error that must be taken care of or else, your money may get stuck during online transactions. If you are facing the same issue and guessing about how to fix PayPal error 10002, then welcome here. Further, you will know about the reasons causing the PayPal error 1002 first and then learn a few solutions for fixing it.

Reasons Causing PayPal Error 10002

  • The API information you have entered is incorrect
  • You may have set an inaccurate permission request
  • Filled information in the space which is assumed to remain empty

Ways To Fix PayPal Error 10002

Whenever you encounter PayPal error 10002 don’t panic and follow a few technique to fix it, as given below:

Re-check the API information

  • Check that the API information like username, password, or signature you have provided is accurate if not then enter the right details
  •  After making sure that you have entered  the correct API details, try using PayPal again and see whether error 10002 is fixed or not

Check the endpoint

  • The payment gateway of PayPal uses two modes one is live mode, while the other is the test mode.
  • You have to ensure that both of these modes don't mismatch at the endpoint of the payment.
  •  Then retry using PayPal for your online payment to see if the error 10002 is fixed or not.

Copy PayPal link

  •  If you don’t remember your API link and password, then you can simply copy it from the web browser.
  • Then paste the copied PayPal API link in the administration screen and check that the error persists or gone

PayPal Support

Therefore, your query about how to fix PayPal error 10002 is supported quite well. If anyhow PayPal error 1002 still prevails even after the application of the above-discussed techniques, you can contact the team of PayPal technical support, for better resolution.

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