How To Fix Twitch Not Loading

How To Fix Twitch Not Loading

Twitch is known as one of the most popular streaming platforms for gaming and other services. Billions of users use Twitch across the world mostly using their Chrome web browsers. However, many users face issues with their Twitch when it gets unable to load on their web browsers.

About How To Fix Twitch Not Loading In Chrome

But there are still some quick ways to fix Twitch not loading in Chrome that can be used without any serious professional assistance. So, if you are also using Twitch in your Chrome and have been facing issues with it then here’s what you need to do.

Quick Ways To Fix Twitch Not Loading In Chrome Changing DNS Settings

  • Launch Run command by pressing “Windows” + “R” and type-in “ncpa.cpl” 
  • Select the “Enter” key to open Networking Settings in the Control Panel
  • Right-click on your network and then select “Properties”
  • Double-click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” option and then select the IPv4 option
  • Mark the “Obtain DNS Server Addresses Manually” option and then enter the following:

o    “” In the primary address box

o   “” in the secondary address box.

  • Select the “OK” option and see if the issue still persists

Twitch Support

Moreover, you can try clearing up the cache and cookies files in your Chrome browser and then re-launch it. Otherwise contact tech-support to know about how to fix Twitch not loading in Chrome.

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