How To Fix Yahoo Mail Sending Error

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Sending Error

Learn the process to Fix Yahoo Mail Sending Error 

It is reported that a large number of users encounter the problem of Yahoo mail sending error. It becomes more frustrating when you are unable to send an email message on yahoo.

But in the information age, users are proactively getting their query resolved with the help of available solutions online on their own. Here we have updated some important guidelines to fix Yahoo mail sending errors that may help you to fix this issue.

Follow the steps to Fix Yahoo mail sending Error

  • In the first step, go to the official website of Yahoo's official website to fix Yahoo mail sending error Check the sent folder and confirm that the message you sent has not been sent.

  • While entering the email address associated with the account, make sure that you are not making any typos.

  • If you can’t find the email in the folder of sent, you may get it in the draft folder, or either you can resend the email in the draft folder.

  • Make sure that your account is not blocked by yahoo. It might be due to mass spam. 

Even after following the above, if the problem continues, you are advised to contact recipients to ask them the following things for fix Yahoo mail sending error

  • It is advised to check the spam folder because it could be possible your email might be sent to the Email folder.

  • Confirm that your recipients have not blocked you.

  • If this is so, ask your recipient to check the filter settings.

What to do if You are unable to send Yahoo email using IMAP / POP 2020?

This problem usually occurs due to incorrect IMAP and POP settings when you unable to send Yahoo mail on MS outlook or to some other third party for Yahoo unable to send emails

Here we have shown the correct IMAP settings using IMAP/POP

  • Users can use the incoming server of and it requires SSL.

  • As it is defined the port number should be 993.

  • As defined for the outgoing server its

  • The outgoing server requires authentication with a port of 587 or 465.

  • It is clearly stated that For the incoming server, it requires a port of 99 with SSL.

  • For the outgoing mail server

  • SSL and TLS are required.

  • A port number of 587 or 465 is specified.

  • It is stated that the login information for POP and IMAP settings will remain the same.

 Yahoo Customer Support

Consider and adhere with the above to get the most out of the information, But in case if you found the above information is not a good fit or not up to the mark, you can call directly to the customer support team of the Yahoo for Yahoo unable to send emails




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