How To Get Facebook Marketplace

How To Get Facebook Marketplace

There are different ways through which one can find Facebook Marketplace when it disappears. Facebook Marketplace is one of the most popular  features that is built into the Facebook social network which is used by over 800 million users to buy every month and sell their products and services .] Facebook Marketplace is an online distinguished service that will connect buyers and sellers. 

Ways To Get Facebook Marketplace

Reasons Why the Facebook Marketplace Icon is Missing. If one is able to not open it on Facebook .and  ‘’  How to get a Facebook Marketplace.’’ 

One is under the age of 18 - Facebook Marketplace is only available to the Facebook users who must be 18 years or over or above it .

Once the device is not supported as per requirement -the Facebook market works only for a few phones or android drives and  for iPad users 

Your Facebook account is New (Upgraded ) - Usually, Facebook Marketplace is not working or not appearing due to the fact it is being done with the sole purpose of preventing spammers from creating new accounts and selling across all the fake products after having the previous account banned from the platform.   

The Facebook Marketplace services can be operated directly within Facebook for free via the following methods. 

  1. Through Facebook Website -One has to log -into their Facebook account and click on the Facebook website and do look for the Facebook Marketplace option out there. Firstly one has to click on the Master Place link on the main menu.

  2.  By Facebook App - Do click on the icon that looks like three horizontal lines in order to open the secondary menu and click on the option Marketplace. If under any given circumstances one fails to see the link attached to it. It might be hidden under the see more link. In order to get all the clicks activated one has to click on the view all the menu options from the screen. 

One has to figure it out and get an answer to‘’ How to get a Facebook Marketplace. ‘’



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