How To Lock Facebook Profile

How To Lock Facebook Profile

Belonging to the generation of millennials who saw the evolution of the social media platform, we have varieties of social media applications. And one of these social media platforms is Facebook which is used by a lot of people. Today as one of the most popular applications online, Facebook ensures to protect the privacy and security of its users. And hence that’s why the latest feature added in the Facebook application is ‘locking your account’.

How To Lock Your Facebook Account

If you have uploaded your private pictures or other data on your account and fear of misuse then you can lock Facebook profile. By locking your Facebook profile, all your data will be safe and hidden from the unknown people. Follow the below-given steps to lock your account.

Steps To lock Facebook Profile

1. For the fastest method of locking the Facebook account, first of all, open the Facebook account and log in to your profile.

2.Once your account logs in then on the home screen, tap on three gear icon on the top. Now tap on your name.

3. Now your profile will be uploaded on the screen and tap on the three-dot icon.

4. You will see a locked profile. Now tap on it and then select the option of lock your profile.

5. And as you tap on the option, your account would immediately be locked.

What happens if you lock your account? 

1. Once you lock your account, only people added in your lists like friends and family would only be able to see your pictures and posts.

2. Your friends can only see your full-size pictures.

3. All the people who are not added to your account would not be able to see your display picture, cover photo, or posts.

Facebook Support

And hence that’s how to lock Facebook cover photos, other pictures, and posts. In case of any doubt, you can contact the customer care team of Facebook.

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