How to recover iCloud password?

How to recover iCloud password?


iCloud is virtual storage platform developed and maintained by Apple Inc which Apple provides to its customers for storing various files, data and large files. iCloud lets its users to upload or download large files that help them maintain storage space well in their devices. Any apple user is entitled to a free iCloud space of 5 GB however if someone needs extra iCloud space, then they can purchase the same from Apple. iCloud account is the same as your Apple account that you create when you use your device for the first time. It contains essentially your email id with and a password. You can use your same apple id and password for using iCloud or can create a different iCloud account based on your choice.

Sometimes, you might require to change your iCloud ID password in any of the following events

  1.  You have lost your iCloud password
  2.  You want to change iCloud password

For any of the reasons mentioned above, you need to recover iCloud password, the following steps can be taken:

How to change iCloud password?

1) If you are using iCloud on iPhone & iPad then in order to recover or reset iCloud password you can simply go to Settings in your device and then navigate to iCloud.  Here you can enter your email id and then select "Forgot iCloud ID or Password?". Here if just want to recover password then click on Next after typing your iCloud ID. Else if you don’t remember ID, then select Forgot iCloud ID. An email address will be asked and provide the same to get iCloud id.

2) Once the email is sent to your other account, simply follow the instructions in order to reset or recover your iCloud ID.

3) When typing a new password, remember to use a strong password, it must be 8 characters long and must have a number and special character in it. Once the password is changed, you can use your iCloud account with new password. The password must not be a previously used one. Apple keeps all those checks in order to provide security



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