Forgot Yahoo Password โ€“ How to Recover Yahoo Email Password?

Forgot Yahoo Password โ€“ How to Recover Yahoo Email Password?

Thousands of people have Yahoo account. This is  a common scenario, when person is waiting for an important mail and when he try to login to his account, suddenly he finds that the password is incorrect. At this situation, user doesn't need to panic much. He can recover yahoo mail, using three ways.

  • Answer to secret question
  • Through trusted phone number 
  • Or through an alternate email id.

Let's discuss one by one , all the three ways. While creating the Yahoo account, user is asked to provide a secret question and there answers which are known to account holder only. The answers are case sensitive. While recovering the password, user will be asked to choose one among the three ways. If user opt for answering the secret question then he have to answer the question correctly. If the answer is correct, then user will be redirected to the password reset page, from where he can reset the password.

Now how to recover yahoo email Password (Following Steps). Here is the troubleshooting process.

  1. From the login page, click on forgot Password?
  2. On the next page, enter the yahoo id and the code given there in the box. Click Next.
  3. Now , user will be asked to choose among the three options. 
  4. If user choose to answer the secret question, he have to answer it.
  5. If the answer is correct, user will be redirected to reset the new password.
  6. If user choose alternate email id, then a notification will be sent at that id. From that notification, user can reset his password.
  7. Or if user choose the option for phone number, a text with notification code will be send to that number.
  8. Write that code on the space provided on the screen.
  9. If the code is verified, then user will be directed to the password reset page.
  10. Enter the new password and retype to confirm.
  11. Save changes.
  12. Login again with the new password.

Yahoo do not directly send a new password rather it send a notification that leads to a password reset page. User can call at the Yahoo customer support phone number if there is any problem. The experts are always there to help and guide. 


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21 Jun, 2021

My recovery email and the phone is wrong and now when i want to login want me verify code And my phone number but code not sent ro me And my recovery email is wrong Plz help me to log my email Because my Instagram and my facebook with this email and both of them are compromised๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž


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