How To Turn Off Security Check On Facebook

How To Turn Off Security Check On Facebook

Facebook is a security-oriented social platform. To use the Facebook account, a user might have to go through various security features. As your Facebook consists of a lot of personal stuff, you need to keep it secure. 

Get Details About How To Skip Security Check On Facebook

For this, Facebook has some security features such as security checks, to check the user identity. Sometimes the security check becomes annoying when you are to add or communicate with new friends. If you are looking for an alternative to getting rid of the security check or want to turn off Security Check on Facebook, you can refer to the details of this article.

Steps To Turn Off Facebook Security check

To turn off Security Check on Facebook, you have to simply follow the steps, as mentioned below:

  • Initially, you need to sign-in to your Facebook account. It is preferred to use a web browser.

  • You need to complete the task which causes the security check. You might be asked to perform actions like sending a friend request to any unknown or might be anything else.

  • When the captcha box is prompted, click on the option of Verify your account.

  • You will get another prompt on your screen, in which your phone number is asked.

  • You need to select the country code and enter the phone number in the given field.

  • After this, you will receive a code on your phone and there will be a Confirm pop-up on your browser.

  • You need to enter the code in the given field and confirm it. With the confirm button, your changes will be saved and the feature of security check will be turned off.

Facebook Support

If you are unable to turn it off, you can skip Security Check On Facebook. This security check feature usually involves the unauthorized attempt on your Facebook account. So, if you turn it off, you might be removing the security from your Facebook account. To get assistance related to Facebook issues and queries, you can visit the official web page of Facebook. You will get the option to use the community forum pages for assistance. If you don't find it convenient, you can also go for the option of call, email or live chat. All the details related to the contact options are available on the official website of Facebook. You can use the support options at any time as it is available 24x7 for your Facebook queries.

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