How to use apple mail smart mailboxes?

How to use apple mail smart mailboxes?

Creating a Smart Mailbox

To create a Smart Mailbox, the users are recommended to contact the Apple mail technical support and seek their expert assistance.

  1.  To create a Smart Mailbox the user first need to select either New Smart Mailbox from the Mailbox menu or depending on the version of Mail the user using he or she needs to first click the plus (+) sign in the lower left corner of the Mail window and then select New Smart Mailbox from the pop-up menu
  2.  Then in the Smart Mailbox Name field the user need to enter a descriptive name for the mailbox which includes Fields Project, Inbox Flagged, Unread Messages, Attachments or E-Mails
  3.  Then the user needs to use the dropdown menu and select appropriate criteria and can search the messages that match any or all of the criteria that has been specified by the user. Then on clicking the plus (+) icon the user needs to add more sorting criteria. The criteria will include messages in the trash and messages in the Sent mailbox.
  4.  Then the user needs to click on OK after done and then the new Smart Mailbox will immediately start finding all of the messages that match its criteria. However, this process might take few minutes especially if the user only specified one or two search criteria
  5. The user need to remember that anything he or she does to a particular message in a Smart Mailbox that affects the original version of the message and so the user is reminded to be very careful while editing or deleting a message in a Smart Mailbox unless he or she is absolutely sure about it

Organizing Smart Mailboxes

If the user creates more than few Smart Mailboxes then he or she might prefer to organize them into folders. To do so, the user need to select New Smart Mailbox Folder from the Mailbox menu and then give the folder a name which can easily indicate the messages inside it such as Work, Home or Projects and then click OK. Then simply click and drag Smart Mailboxes into the appropriate folder and it is done.



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