How To Use Assistive Touch On Your iPhone

How To Use Assistive Touch On Your iPhone

The iPhone has a special AssistiveTouch function that creates a virtual button on the device's screen and allows its usage via pressing the icon on the screen. 

How To Enable AssistiveTouch On iPhone & Use It

AssistiveTouch on iPhone works the same as the home button however it is created for making it easier specifically for physically disabled person. It also works when the iPhone user's home button is broken or worn out due to too much clicking. Moreover for knowing how to use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, go through the details from below.

How To Turn On AssistiveTouch On iPhone

For enabling the Assistive Touch function in your iPhone you have to add the home button on the screen as discussed below:

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the settings
  • Then open General settings and move towards Accessibility tab
  • Next go to Touch option and navigate to AssistiveTouch from there
  • Turn on the AssistiveTouch button to enable on your iPhone
  • Hence, a round icon will appear on iPhone screen that is virtual Home button

How Can You Use The Assistive Touch On iPhone

After you have successfully turned on Assistive touch on your iPhone you can use it for various functions. Hence, a list of the function for which you can use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone is as below:

  • You can use AssistiveTouch on iPhone for the quick access to notifications center
  • AssistiveTouch on iPhone allows the access to custom shortcuts on your iPhone
  • AssistiveTouch on iPhone is used to access common features like locking device, turning volume off or on etc. in one touch
  • AssistiveTouch on iPhone is used as the device home button just by clicking the icon
  • AssistiveTouch is also used as a surprise for revealing Control center or launching Siri on iPhone

Apple Support

Hence, aspects of how to enable and use AssistiveTouch on your iPad or iPhone, both of which are the same, have been discussed above in the most appropriate way. On the other hand, if you are unable to add the AssistiveTouch icon on your iPhone screen or not sure about using it, connect to the customer service team of Apple for additional support.




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