How To Use QuickBooks

How To Use QuickBooks

Quick books are for small business owners and are all in one financial solution software. It helps in tracking expenses and income. Organize clients and prepare payrolls. The basic requirement is to learn the jargon and it’s steps to become an expert before you can effectively manage all your small business.

Steps About How To Use QuickBooks?

  • Download QuickBooks on your device. A prompt will two options whether to download Custom or network. If you want for single-use then choose a custom otherwise network. Also, select the location where you want to install it.

  • Gather important documents needed to set up for Quick files

  • Develop your company file. Press the QuickBooks icon to launch the program. During the launch, you will be able to notice the option to use QuickBooks interview wizard while opening up your company file.

  • Set up and manage the account of your vendors. Vendors are the business you hire to grow your own business like suppliers, contractors and so on. Press “vendor center” in the toolbar select new vendor to create a vendor account.

  • You can also manage tour employee account by making one. Press  “employee entre” and choose “ no of employee” to add employee information. Hit on the “transaction” tab for paychecks and other transactions.

  • You can also source the income of an employee by clicking in “customer center” then on “new customer and job and add a new source of income. You can export customer data on excel which will help with the generation of reports on the word.

  • A most special feature is you can generate a report by this option you can get a snapshot of financial areas of business like profit and loss statement

Quickbooks Support

QuickNote that quick pay can charge additional fee-based services such as payroll. If you still find problems in using Quickbooks, you can dial Quickbooks Customer care number or contact them via Email.  You can also check their website for further details or help. They will try to fix your issue and help you to improve your experience with Quickbooks.




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