How to use the iCloud Photo Sharing feature?

How to use the iCloud Photo Sharing feature?

iCloud is the ideal storage option for Apple users. iCloud store all data, music, photos, and other staff with topmost security. There is this cool feature in iCloud that allows the sharing of photo albums with your friends and family. It’s known as iCloud photo sharing and sharing of photos was never easier like this one.

In the past you might have experienced that whenever you are on vacation with a group of friends, a group album that can be shared with everyone is very effective. In iCloud Photo Sharing, once the album is created, you can invite people to add photos. This article will provide steps to use the feature effective and contact iCloud customer support for advanced assistance.

Here are the steps to use the photo sharing feature effectively –

  • The first thing is to check whether the user and his/her friends have turned on the iCloud sharing or not. To do that go to ‘Settings’, then click ‘iCloud’ and then turn on iCloud Photo Sharing. Dial iCloud helpline number even if the user is unable turn on the sharing.
  • Move to the photo app and click on ‘Shared’.
  • You can find the shared album folder at the bottom. Click on the plus sign that says ‘New Shared Album’.
  • Type the name of the album and click ‘Next’.
  • Type the friends name with whom you want to share the album.
  • You have the album for yourself now and the fiends.

 Contact iCloud customer service to get assistance for iCloud photo sharing. Support professionals provide instant assistance and help for the issues at no time.



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