How To Make Free Voice & Video Call On Facebook

How To Make Free Voice & Video Call On Facebook

Facebook is a reputably well-known social networking website, which is used by numerous people worldwide. Facebook allows users to make free audio or video calls to friends and family, in addition to connecting with them via an online platform. 

Ways To Make A Voice & Video Calls On Facebook

Whether you are using Facebook on mobile or desktop doesn't matter as making video and voice calls is quite feasible through both. Basically, you can make a voice or video call on Facebook either through its website or by downloading the Messenger in your mobile phone. However, if you are looking for the correct procedure to make voice and video calls on Facebook, then receive details from below.

What Is The Procedure To Make Voice Calls on Facebook

You are allowed to make free voice calls to your Facebook friends and acquaintances through its website or via Facebook messenger if using the service on mobile. Moreover, for learning the accurate procedure to make Voice Call on Facebook, follow the steps from below:

  • Go to Facebook website on a browser and login to your account or open Facebook messenger on phone
  • Next, open the conversation box for the person you want to talk through voice call
  • Then tap on the Phone icon that appears on the top of conversation box
  • Hence, the voice call to the recipient will connect and start as soon as they will pick it

Procedure To Make Video Calls On Facebook

In addition to the voice calls, Facebook users are also allowed to make free video calls to their friends and family. Hence, you have to follow a simple procedure to make Video call on Facebook as instructed below:

  • Login to you Facebook account on desktop website or access Facebook messenger on your mobile
  • Then select a single recipient and open the conversation box next to them
  • Next, you have to tap on the video camera icon that is available on the top of conversation box
  • Hereafter, you video call will connect and you can see the person on video chat as soon as they pick from the other side

Facebook Support

Hopefully, you have learned positively about how to make Voice Call on Facebook as well as a video call on it for communicating with your friends and family. Moreover, you can connect directly to the Facebook customer service center if you have any doubts about using voice or video call services for free. Or you can also confirm with them about any other service-related query.

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