Norton Antivirus Technical Support

Norton Antivirus Technical Support 

In order to ensure that the system is free from any of the threats or malicious species users will need to install the Norton Antivirus in their system. In order to install the antivirus users will have to run the setup file which they can do by direct download, or through DVD/USB, or even through USB. After having done this users can simply follow the below mentioned steps to install the antivirus get their things done instantly.

Steps to install the Norton Antivirus:

Step 1: Users will now need to enter the product key and once entered then users can click on the “Install options” link.

Step 2: Users can now explore the options that are available to them before clicking on “OK” to proceed further.

Step 3: Users will now have to accept to all the terms and conditions before the final installation process is completed.

How to uninstall Norton Antivirus?

It may be that users’ antivirus may be corrupted as a result of which they may want to uninstall it from the system and then re install the latest version in the system. Users who are not aware of the un installation procedure can simply go through the below mentioned tutorial to get the things done instantly.

Steps to uninstall the Norton Antivirus:

Step 1: Users will first need to open the Run dialog box which they can do by pressing the Windows+R button.

Step 2: When opened then users can enter appwiz.cel in the dialog box and then they can hit the “Enter” button which will open the list of currently installed programs.

Step 3: Users can now select the Norton Security product and then click on “Uninstall or Remove”.

Step 4: Users can now follow the on screen instructions and finally restart the computer to get complete the process.

Norton Antivirus Troubleshooting Steps

If the users are not being able to follow the above mentioned tutorial then they can get effective troubleshooting steps simply by dialing the 24/7 Norton antivirus technical support toll free phone number. There are certified technicians who can offer some of the best services in the market for instant fixation of any of the underlying issue or error.

Issues that is in relevance to the Norton Antivirus

Users may face numerous kinds of issues with their antivirus. Some of the issues for which instant solution can be offered from the certified and immensely qualified technicians are jotted down below.

  • Unable to install and configure the router
  • Unable to reset the router
  • Lights are not blinking in the router
  • Unable to upgrade the firmware of the router
  • Unable to fix IP conflicts with the router
  • Unable to change the settings of the router
  • Firewall is preventing the connection of the router
  • No network connection issues with the router
  • Services offered to connect the router to the system
  • Unable to change the password of the router

How to resolve any of the Norton Antivirus issues Through Norton Customer Service?

Users looking for solution for any of the antivirus related issues can simply dial the 24/7 Norton Antivirus tech support phone number. The certified technicians are then always willing to offer the best services in the market. This is also to ensure that users do not lose any of the important time and productivity. Apart from getting the issues resolved users can also seek assistance for better management and exploration of the antivirus at any point of time. Users are offered assistance for any of the issues or errors via different technical assistance modes which are remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. But there are certain conditions associated to get the issues resolved like onsite assistance can only be availed depending upon the conditions like location and availability of the technicians. Remote assistance is not applicable to any of the conditions as in this case the technicians will only have to remote access the system to get the issues resolved. But in case the technicians are not receiving the users call then users can mail the technicians their issue or query. Chatting support can also be availed if the technicians are available online at that particular point of time.



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