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Creating new interest in strong images or multimedia visuals online Pinterest is social networking site where users can share pictures and images. Post new interests to other boards and also collect visual pieces. It is the medium where images are shared the most and one can create as pinboards as they want. Organizations also use it effectively for collecting pictures on certain topics and label it for promotional use.

Other than that Pinterest enables users to interact and comment on each other stuff’s. It works well for people who likes storing pictures or images online. It can be an entire new experience of image storing and create a new user account to start pinning images. Give a valid email address and follow the prescribed steps creating a new user account. Take the help of the Pinterest Technical support team over Pinterest toll free number to create a new user account.

Once a user is created login to the account and setup Personal Preferences first. User can look at the top corner with the name and picture which display a drop-down menu for Settings. 

Following are the options user have the access for settings –

Invite Friends – Find friends in Pinterest using email or Facebook connections.

Boards – All the pinboards created will be displayed here.

Pins – Recently pinned items will be displayed here.

Like – All the liked items will be placed here.

Settings – It is the way to change profile picture, email password, location and also have access to other privacy settings.

Now comes the most important and interesting aspect of the website where user can add things to the board. Click on the ‘Add’ button to add anything. User can also follow boards and pins of other users which will be displayed on the homepage board. User can also interact with other and the website provides great platform to share images.

In the pinned items user can paste comments below and use repin option to repin items on board. To know more about the website contact the experts over Pinterest customer support phone number. Right from start to account creation to settings change, user can get the best assistance over the toll free number.‚Äč

Obtain settlement on how to Create Pinterest Account on an android device:

First of all, start the device and then launch the internet browser.

Go to the Pinterest sign in web page.

There will be the three choices to sign in like with facebook, twitter, and by providing an email address.

If chosen by email address then click the sign-up and start with typing the name first.

Enter the email address and then type the password.

Enter the mobile phone number and then type the captcha code showing at the bottom.

Get the OTP in the mobile phone and enter it in the relevant field.

Now click the create option and move to the Inbox page.

Obtain settlement on how to use Pinterest on an android device:

Having created Pinterest on an android complete the Profile on the Biz Account.

Get an OTP and verify the website and then set up the rich pins and move to the next.

Click + at the bottom right corner of Pinterest and click Upload a Pin.

Click Choose Image and find the file on your computer.

Pick a board for your Pin and add a description.

Click Save button at the end of the procedure.

Obtain settlement on how to recover Pinterest password on an android device:

Firstly, open an android device then launch the internet browser.

Go to the Pinterest sign in page and then enter the correct email address and password.

If unable to access then click the tell us your email address password.

Simply click the reset password option and enter the new password into the both field.

This way now someone can access the Pinterest email account.

How to Contact Pinterest Customer Support:

Go to the Pinterest website and then click the help and support option.

Click on the chat or contact option and choose how you want to contact tech support.

User can access tech support by chat, remote, phone call service at any time.

Moreover, if any user faces some kind of the bugs while doing necessary things to reach then he is required to make a call at Pinterest helpline number available 24 by 7 to access tech support team to resolve the issue at any time.



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Patricia Podkowa Maus

12 Oct, 2017

I have been VERY SATISFIED WITH PINTEREST UP UNTIL NOW! For some reason I cannot PIN anything anymore. Please help... I'm not tech-smart. I haven't had trouble until now. Sincerely Patricia Podkowa Maus


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