Does QuickBooks Have Live Support

Does QuickBooks Have Live Support

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by intuits. QuickBooks has no hidden charges, and if you want to use the free version of accounting and financial software, QuickBooks is for you. Apart from providing free services, it also takes care of its users, hence providing 24/7 hours of assistance. 

You can connect with QuickBooks book using its multiple modes of communication, whether it is via call, email, QuickBooks live chat, etc. This content is all about a quick book support system. So, if you have any queries related to QuickBooks customer service, you can stay connected with us.

How To Contact Quickbooks Customer Service

You can connect with QuickBooks anytime to ask any query. To initiate with, you can first open the official website of QuickBooks and then locate the customer support page. Once you reach the customer support page, you can opt for any given contact options below.

Phone Call: You can connect the QuickBooks representative by calling on the customer service number. As QuickBooks is market by Intuit. You can call intuit customer service to reach out to QuickBooks.

Chat Option: You can connect the QuickBooks via chat. To start with, you will have to click on the Message us link on the customer support page.

Email Support: You can share your opinion, complaint, and compliment, etc., using the email support of QuickBooks. The QuickBooks representative will review your email and respond to you within 24 hours.

QuickBooks community: You can also join the QuickBooks community to get answers from other QuickBooks users. This support is available 24/7.

Social media: The QuickBooks customer representatives are also available on its social media pages. So in case, you have to ask any query, you can also follow QuickBooks on its social media pages.

So using the above options, you can connect with QuickBooks anytime. Now to know more about connecting a live person via phone at QuickBooks, you can follow the steps below.

How To Connect With A QuickBooks Live Person

As QuickBooks is a part of Intuit, you can Dial the intuit customer care number and follow the steps below.

1.      After you dial the number, you will hear an automated voice

2.      You have to press 1, 2, 3, and 4 to select a product like QuickBooks here

3.      You can follow the following phone menu to connect the QuickBooks live person

  • Select 1 for TurboTax
  • Select 2 for QuickBooks
  • Select 3 for Payroll
  • Select 4 for ProSeries, EasyACCT, and Lacerte or ProConnect tax online 
  • Select 5 for Check, supplies, and forms
  • Select 6 for payment solutions and merchant services
  • Select 7 for Credit Score
  • Select 8, for Tshirt
  • From the above phone menu, you have to press 2 to connect to live person at QuickBooks

5.      Once connected, you can solve any queries

So you can follow the steps above to connect with a live person at QuickBooks. Besides call support, QuickBooks also provide chat support that you can use anytime.

Fix Issues Through Quickbooks Live Chat

The answer is yes; QuickBooks do provide live support via call and also via chat. To connect to QuickBooks via chat, you can read the given information below.

  1. At first, open the QuickBooks official website
  2. Go to the customer support page on the homepage
  3. Jumping to the customer support page, you will find out various support options
  4. You have to navigate and locate the Message our link and click on it
  5. Now a dialog box will get opened up in front of you
  6. You have to fill in the required details in front of your screen to start chatting

Using the information given above, you connect with QuickBooks live chat anytime. You can also visit the customer support page of QuickBooks to get some information and details.



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