How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

There times when a person deletes Facebook messages without realizing that there might be an important messages. 

Ways To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Unfortunately reversing the delete option is not an option but there are ways through which a person can get a copy of Facebook messages. Perform the below step and get Facebook messages back.

Steps To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages 

These are few tips and tricks that can help a user get copy of deleted messages

  • Looking to other location- there are difference between messages and conversations. If you think you have deleted messages then retrieving them can be   quite time consuming instead look for conversation

  • Open the Facebook account in the web browser then there will be window prompted asking you to fill your details like username and password and  press continue

  • Go to inbox to ensure you have actually deleted conversation, person can search on the box regarding the conversation that you think got deleted because there are many times that conversation got buried under several new ones.

  • User can also ask the recipient to send the copy of the messages that is deleted from your side. If they have not deleted the conversation there is chance that it can be retrieved through them.

  • Check if the conversation  messages has sent to the Email- if the user as enabled all the messages notification of your account then they can check the deleted conversation by clicking on the menu then press the setting option the visit the notifications and press Email to expand

  • Check the trash box- a time some message go to the trash box . in case the user need conversations  to get Retrieve deleted Facebook messages On Android but they are unable to retrieve then try to click on the Trash folder and then user can browse.

  • View unarchive messages- Archived messages will be no longer shown there in the recent conversations box, as they will be not deleted permanently. So, make sure that user has checked  the Archived Messages Folder, and also many times user have not really deleted the Facebook messages and there are chances that they are situated in the achieve messages. In order perform that launch the app then sign in into the account , then go to the search bar and search for the conversation that user wants to get back.

  • Find retrieved messaged- to perform that user need to sign in to the Facebook then from general settings go to the Facebook info situated in the left panel then hit on the download information option, now user will be re-directed to the next page that will be consisting of all the information that will be performed. Once that is done user need to check on the tick  that user needs to get downloaded.

Facebook Customer Service

These were the few  ways through which user can easily  get the retrieved messaged if they got deleted.  To know more information on Retrieve deleted Facebook messages On Pc user can call the customer service or visit the website for all the latest updates. Facebook helps to provide solution to all the issues.

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