How can I Recover My Facebook Account By Identifying Friends

How can I Recover My Facebook Account By Identifying Friends

Is it possible to Recover Facebook Account By Identifying Friends?

Facebook offers different ways to recover the account and make the overall process easy. But, many new users or who lose access to the account don't know that they can make Facebook Account Recovery by identifying friends. If you cannot run any other recovery process, you can go with this one. You can read about it further and know how you can opt for this. 

Steps To Recover Facebook Account by Identifying Friends 

There are very simple, easy steps to direct through which you can easily recover the account. 

  • On your system and go to the official Facebook website 
  • Now, you can see the login option, and below that, you can see the "forgot password" option. 
  • Here you have to search your account by providing the name, email address or phone number. Once you find the account, then you have to click on it. 
  • Next, you can see the option that is "I don't have access to this account anymore." 
  • Now, here you have to select the option for the recovery that is identifying friends. You have to mention one that you have put your trusted account. Here you have to mention the email address. Here you have to take care of one thing that the trusted account or your friend's account must be accessible. If you choose one that is no more active, then you may have to run the process again. 
  • Further, your friend will receive the recovery link or code. You have to click on the link if you have received the link or mention the code in the provided place. 
  • Now you have to shift to the friend's page and set the new password, or you can click on the recovery password. Here you will be lead to a different page, where you cannot use the old password, so you have to set the new password and click on the confirm password. Once they match each other, you can click on the finish, and now, you can access the account. 

You can see Facebook Account Recovery is easy with these steps, though you have to be careful about certain things that have already been mentioned. Now, there are many benefits of using this method; you can read them below. 

Why you should choose identifying friends during the facebook account recovery

  • Easy to access 

All you have to check the trusted contact is active or not. If yes, then let your friend follow the steps and recover the account. 

  • Unique method 

Here you don't have to remember the recovered phone number. Security questions answer—all you have to select the trusted contact from the list and proceed. 

  • Fast response

If you compare the working of other methods with this one, then you can find this method is fast and responds quickly. So you can choose this to save your recovery process time. 

So it is all about Facebook Account Recovery with trusted contacts or identifying friends. If you face any kind of issue while doing this, then you can go with the customer support team. 



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