How To Remove Redirect

How To Remove Redirect

The is a trusted search engine i.e. directly developed & designed by the Yahoo! web services provider, but sometimes users may experience unwanted redirects to it. Why? Well, this could happen due to corrupted extensions, malware extensions, that are also known as “browser hijackers”. 

How To Remove The Search.Yahoo.Com From Your Web Browsers

They usually get inside your web browser or system. Besides, these unwanted malwares do not require user’s permissions or authentication of their installation onto devices, hence, they are also known as (Potentially Unwanted Applications). They can also make modifications into your web browser, cause data breach, and other potential harm to your system. So if you want to desperately remove redirect from your system and web browser, then here’s what you need to know.

Steps To Uninstall Search.Yahoo.Com Redirect In System

  • Scroll to the Start menu, then select Settings, then click on the click Control Panel, and then find the “Add or Remove Programs” option.

  • Now, select Finder, then select Applications, and then drag the unwanted app from the Applications folder to the Trash.

  • Right-click on the Trash icon, then select Empty Trash, and then look for any suspicious app and click on "Uninstall" or "Remove" from the program section to get rid of it.

Removing Search.Yahoo.Com Malicious Redirect From Top Web Browsers: Steps

The following steps will help you with the malicious redirect removal from Internet browsers that are used most commonly.

In Google Chrome

  • In Chrome, navigate to the menu icon, then select "More tools”, and then click on "Extensions".

  • Find all the recently-installed suspicious add-ons and then remove them, then go back to the menu icon, select "Settings", and then scroll to the "On startup" section.

  • Locate the browser hijacker URL (hxxp:// in the “Open a specific or set of pages” option, and then select “Remove” from the menu section.

In Mozilla Firefox

  • In Firefox, open its menu, then select "Add-ons", and then select "Extensions".
  • Now, remove all the recently installed browser plug-ins, and then restart Mozilla.

Search.Yahoo.Com Malicious Redirect Removal From Internet Browsers: Safari

  • Open the Safari browser, then click on Safari menu, and then select Preferences.

  • Here, select the Extensions tab, then locate any recently installed suspicious extensions, uninstall them, and then go back to the preferences window.

  • Select General tab, ensure to set your homepage to preferred URL, or change it if it has been altered by a browser hijacker.

  • Again go to the preferences window, then select Search tab, and ensure to select your preferred Internet search engine.

Moreover, if you have any queries on how to remove redirect, then contact tech-experts at Yahoo, and take appropriate assistance.





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