How To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

How To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

Since large numbers of the young generation are spending their time on social media, only a few of us make it useful for business purposes. But eventually, It is considered a waste of time to log into social media sites if they are not your top interest.  

Simple Way To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

The challenge with the young generation is that they can’t tell their parents that they are addicts of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. But if your exam dates are nearby and you don’t want to use it to waste your time, you can disable it temporarily by following the below-mentioned steps.

Follow The Steps To Disable Your Instagram Account Temporarily

  • In the initial stage of the process, first, you are required to open the Instagram account’

  • Now log in with the account that you want to disable.

  • Next, go to the profile tab and select the “ Edit profile button”.

  • As move down, now you have to select the option of “ Temporarily disable my account”.

  • Next, Instagram will ask you a reason to deactivate the account.

  • Select the reason from the drop-down menu.

  • If you don’t want to provide a reason, you can choose something else option.

  • After completing the process, enter the password of your Instagram account

  • Next, for the second time, click on blue “ Temporarily disable account” can be found at bottom of the screen.

  • Instagram will ask to make sure that you want to deactivate the account for the third time.

  • From the pop up shown, just tap on the yes button.

  • Finally, you disabled your Instagram account.

  • In last you will be logged out of the Instagram account.

Instagram Support

Besides, above all the information on Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account, if you are seeking further assistance you can call directly on their helpline number to their support number to get the immediate feedback or response.

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