How To Unlock Yahoo Mail Account

How To Unlock Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo email account might see you the strict security and privacy of the Yahoo email account in order to provide an amazing email service to exchange with the users and clients. But despite it, if you face any trouble and don’t know what to do, it will be important to check your Yahoo email account is active or not simply. Yahoo doesn’t lock it-self without prior notice but there are a number of situations where you might see your Yahoo account locked certainly. But still, there are ways to unlock locked Yahoo mail account by just doing simple troubleshooting task.

Let’s Understand How To Unlock Locked Yahoo Mail Account

It has been observed that when you try to access your account, you find your Yahoo email account blocked due to some issues. However, there are a number of moments where you must understand that there are the chances to lock your Yahoo account easily. However, there are various ways to unlock temporarily locked Yahoo account using only simple tricks but before that, you can see the cause of lock Yahoo mail account.

There might be several causes due to which you might find your Yahoo locked.

  • When you send maximum emails then the specific limit might lock Yahoo account.
  • If you are using multiple attempts to illegally access using wrong credentials.
  • If you are using incorrect POP and IMAP settings you can see locked your Yahoo account.
  • When you enter the incorrect password at the multiple times can lock your Yahoo account etc.      

If you find any cause as mentioned-above and looking for the solution to unlock locked Yahoo mail, you need to try to basic troubleshooting methods that would help you to fix this issue soon. So let’s get started to unlock locked email account easily.

Steps To Unlock Yahoo Account Instantly:

  • At first, visit the Yahoo account sign-in tab and enter the correct email address and password to access.
  • If you see an error message that your Yahoo mail account is locked, you can click on the sign-in helper button.
  • You can simply enter the Yahoo mail address or phone number to verify your account and then press the next button.
  • Select the account key and enter the security question to verify your Yahoo account and press the next.
  • You can also configure your Yahoo email account on your device to find your locked Yahoo email account.
  • Select unlock Yahoo account link and enter the certain email address and then enter the mobile phone number.
  • You will find the recovery link to enter the new password to access after matching your email Yahoo email address at the end of the task.     

Yahoo Support

It is hoped, you have accessed your Yahoo email account simply using its correct email address and password. However, if you face the same and don’t know how to unlock locked Yahoo mail, you should contact our tech support team to get this issue fixed appropriately at any time.

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