How To View Apple Notes On Android

How To View Apple Notes On Android

At the time, an Apple user switch to android the most important challenge in front of them is about the data of access on this new device. Although, the interoperability among the various Apple devices is quite efficient but whenever you move to other OS devices it becomes somehow challenging.

How do you view Apple notes on your Android device

Unfortunately, Apple notes is not one among those apps that works typically on the cross-platforms. At the same time, iCloud notes work quite efficiently on the split-screen as well as the user can sync it to android device too. Therefore, if you are thinking that how to View Apple Notes on Android, then you can get the appropriate details by going through the data below.

Methods To View Apple Notes On Android Device

There are mainly two methods available that helps to sync the Apple notes on Android device so the user can access the data conveniently. Hence, the most suitable methods for viewing Apple notes is Sync Apple Notes on Android or creating an Apple notes shortcut, as defined below:

Sync Apple notes using Chrome

  • At first you need to open iPhone settings and click on your name on top screen

  • Further navigate towards iCloud and enable the toggle given along with it

  • Then launch Chrome browser on your android device and navigate to iCloud website

  • Next enter your Apple ID as well as password and tick mark keep me signed in

  • Afterwards, you have to access iCloud section and choose Notes tab inside it

  • Now onwards you can view and edit Apple Notes from your Android device

Create Apple notes shortcut

  • Open iCloud Notes on your Android device via Chrome browser

  • Further you have to select three dots to add Apple Notes on home screen

  •  Then a pop up will appear to rename shortcut something other than iCloud Notes

  • After that, hit add button and  a new pop up will appear on your screen

  • Again tap add button and go to the home screen of your android device

  • Hereafter you can view Apple Notes on your android device directly by opening shortcut

Apple Support

In this way either via Sync Apple Notes on Android or by creating a shortcut for the same on the home screen of your Android device you can view Apple Notes conveniently. Apart from that, in case you encounter any more trouble while viewing Apple Notes on your Android device then you can receive technical assistance for the same. You can contact the customer support team for getting a better resolution when unable to view Apple Noted on your Android device.



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