Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook

Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook

Yahoo mail is one of the finest and popular webmail services that has been in the digital space since ages. It is well-known for user-friendly features & quick accessibility. Besides, the webmail services are quite famous for their communication features such as Yahoo messenger & Yahoo mail among other features. In addition, millions of users have been taking benefits of Yahoo services worldwide.

Ways To Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook

Now, Yahoo services are also used for linking Facebook accounts for getting regular updates & other mail notifications. And there are times, when Facebook users do face issues with their Yahoo mail accounts. Hence, they report issues that doesn’t let their Yahoo Not receiving emails from facebook. However, one can easily try some simple fixes to resolve such as Yahoo-Facebook issues. Therefore, if you are someone who is also facing such an issue of your Yahoo mail account not able to receive Facebook emails, then read this article further to troubleshoot the issues.

Methods To Troubleshoot Yahoo Not Receiving Emails From Facebook Issues

Follow the below mentioned methods to resolve the Yahoo-Facebook issues and resume enjoying the mail notifications.

Check The Email Filters On Your Yahoo Mail Account

The in-mail filters can sometimes stop you receiving emails from Facebook on your Yahoo email account. Although, filters can be quite beneficial for you to separate the emails as per the priority, but sometimes they can even block out the important ones in your Yahoo account. Hence, checkout the following steps to delete the filters and fix the issue.

  • Get access to your Yahoo account, then navigate to account’s Settings icon, and click on it for more settings options.

  • Select the filter tab, then click on each filter one-by-one, and then select the Delete button to remove them. Hereafter, you start receiving emails into the Yahoo inbox from Facebook.

Fixing Browser Issue

Sometimes an outdated version of your web browser can also cause your Yahoo Not receiving emails. In addition, this excessive junk and cache files in your web browser can be another reason for the occurrence of the same issue. Hence, you’ll also delete the cache files in your web browser & update it. If you are a Chrome user, then you can navigate through the steps mentioned below to fix it.

Deleting The Junk From The Web Browser (Chrome)

  • Open Chrome, then click More (top-right), and then select More tools.

  • Now, scroll to Clear browsing data, then select All time, and select both "Cookies and other site data" & "Cached images and files," options, and then click Clear data.

Update The Chrome

  • Open Chrome, then click More, and then select Update Google Chrome.

  • Finally, select Relaunch.

Moreover, contact Yahoo mail tech experts for more assistance on fixing the Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Facebook problem.

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